OpenCiS as SaaS

Provide Scalable CiS Solution for Medical Equipment maintenance hosted on cloud.

OpenCiS BI

Provide Business intelligence tool to enhance decision making about the medical equipments.

OpenCiS Chatter

Provide Chatter box for users/employee inside hospital to share knowledge and experience about medical equipment.

CIS Finance

Provide Sections for Monitoring and controlling the financial area related to medical equipment through predefined workflow inside the system.

ICT With Biomedical Engineering.

New Track has developed The OpenCiS product to handle all A-Z issues related on dealing with medical equipments and other actors participated in biomedical engineering like medical companies , biomedical engineers , technician and so on, that drive the company to develop a very good implementation of new features to handle that target . As big medical organizations are dealing with highly sensitive, important and expensive medical Equipments that are distributed in specific areas in the Medical Organization to provide better medical treatment .those equipments are in a need to be managed in such way that guarantee that every medical equipment is maintained successfully in the medical center environment . Biomedical engineers are everywhere in the Medical organization are ready for any defect or damage that could happen to the medical equipment in order for it to be ready again for use, So Medical Organizations and clinical maintenance companies shall need system to manage and organize these process that involves sub process like assigning jobs for the biomedical engineers in the hospital, and organize the internal work-flow to make sure that health care delivery life cycle is moving in stable way. The need for tracking information about those equipment begin to be important , the data shall be stored in place that facilitate quick and easy retrieval for that data needed according to specific criteria defined , to make better decision that would affect the future impact of the healthcare delivery life-cycle in the medical center. The main added value to be seeking from the ICT is to save money and time for the organization and by this kind of services and products indeed saving money is achieved for each medical centers throughout minimizing defects, cost payed, and prevent theft in some places by the monitoring capabilities added to the system, moreover evaluating medical companies who are providing maintenance services to the hospitals. Biomedical Engineering sector is very sensitive and important part of the healthcare delivery lifecycle process and the more concentration and providing high quality services throughout medical equipments , the more improvement of high quality healthcare process . So, New Track has given a very much attention to cover this area from different prospective , to achieve it's target in improving the area of biomedical engineering to cover biomedical engineering personnel and many other tools that is to be used to ensure the quality of that service .